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Dave Jilk, my partner in Feld Technologies, recently dug adult a garland of aged stuff. we blogged one of a papers recently – The Simple Formal Beginnings Of Feld Technologies – and have a few other fun ones coming.

Today, let’s demeanour during another instance of a agreement that we sealed in a context of “keeping it simple.” Over a 7 years we were in business, we used a really elementary form we referred to as a “Professional Services Agreement.” This was a request that we sealed with roughly all of a clients. Every now and afterwards we had to understanding with something some-more complicated, though even vast companies typically were peaceful to pointer this agreement in 1990.

Over a life of Feld Technologies, we were never sued. We had a share of formidable customer situations and were dismissed a few times, though were always approach and candid in how we dealt with stuff. We attempted to always keep it during a business turn and have a personal attribute with a clients so that when projects got into a formidable place, we could get together and work them out directly. And even when a answer was to partial ways, we were always seemly about it.

The PSA shown above is a standard, though inventory us as a customer and MaK Technologies as a vendor. we trust it’s a initial square of business for MaK Technologies, a association co-founded by my prolonged time and tighten crony Warren Katz. Dave and we met Warren by his mother Ilana, who was a worker #7 during Feld Technologies.

One of a clients was Monitor Company, during a time a immature though really fast flourishing consulting organisation in Cambridge. They used a garland of Sun Workstations for all of their presentations (this was in a time of Harvard Graphics – good before a ubiquity of PowerPoint – that was totally unsound for what they did). Instead, they used a Sun’s and Interleaf using on Unix. While we had a lot of hardware and networking expertise, we didn’t do anything with Unix (we were all about DOS and Novell Netware) so we subcontracted Warren’s association to assistance us with a Unix things during Monitor.

Warren and we have finished many things together – some that have worked and some that haven’t. Twenty-two years after we still do business with a handshake. Warren has a good section about this in Do More Faster. Remember – keep it simple.

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