Linux Will Eat Oracle’s Lunch in 2012, Says Analyst


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In 2012, a intolerable series of enterprises will prowl divided from Oracle into a arms of competitors Red Hat and SUSE, new marketplace investigate finds. This comes even yet Oracle has a possess season of Linux that is fundamentally a duplicate of Red Hat’s.

Worse, this is a partial of a bigger trend to pierce divided from Oracle’s many critical product, a database, says Jay Lyman, an open source researcher for marketplace investigate organisation The 451 Group told Business Insider.

“Oracle is still clever though a plea from Linux is growing,” says Lyman.

Oracle has tens of thousands of business of Solaris, a chronicle of Unix, a go-to handling complement in a 1990s and 2000s for absolute or rarely technical uses including databases.

Over a past few years, many of those users are withdrawal Solaris (and other forms of Unix) and going to Linux, that has proven to be equally able and a whole lot cheaper. When they do, they are some-more expected to start regulating new high-performing open source databases, famous as NoSQL, Hadoop and Casandra, Lyman says.

In a survey of 165 IT professionals done by The 451 Group, 67% were formulation to spend some-more income with Red Hat for servers that run their databases and usually 6% devise to spend less. Meanwhile, 55% devise to spend reduction with Oracle and usually 9% will spend some-more for possibly Oracle’s Linux or Solaris in 2012.


Lyman points out that this same trend will also impact IBM and Hewlett-Packard.

Oracle hereditary a Unix handling complement when it bought Sun Microsystems in 2009 for $7.4 billion. But Oracle suspicion it was regulating a problem of users ditching Unix for Linux when it combined a counterpart of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This is a ideally legit thing to do. RHEL is itself an open source season of Linux.

But in Oracle’s standard selling flamboyance, it called a chronicle of RHEL “Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel”  indicating that a Linux was some-more arguable and achieved faster. In 2010 Oracle attempted again.  It done another splashy introduction of another chronicle of Unbreakable Linux. This chronicle of Linux was designed to work generally good with a database, with Oracle observant it was 75 to 200 percent faster.

But a 451 Group’s investigate indicates that so far, enterprises aren’t shopping it.

Oracle has been asked for comment.

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