Oracle rolls adult and rolls out Solaris 11.1 update

As betrothed back during a OpenWorld shindig progressing in a month, Oracle has put a initial refurbish to a Solaris 11 Unix into a field. And no, it is not perplexing to float on a call of news relating to Microsoft’s Windows 8 handling complement for laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Solaris 11, which debuted a year ago, was a initial vital recover of a Unix handling complement that spans Sparc, Sparc64, and x86 iron to come out given a former Sun Microsystems launched Solaris 10 in Jan 2005. Oracle had previewed some of a facilities in Solaris 11.1 and currently it put a formula into a margin and gave some some-more sum on a nips and tuck and tweaks in a update.

As is a box with many handling complement updates, Solaris 11.1 has tweaks to a heart so it can support stream and destiny processors that are not in a far-off future. Markus Flierl, clamp boss of Solaris engineering during Oracle, tells El Reg that Solaris 11.1 can run on destiny Sparc T5 processors as good as a “Athena” Sparc64-X processor from Fujitsu.

The Sparc T5 and Sparc64-X processors were among a many engaging server chips talked about during a Hot Chips discussion behind in August, and Fujitsu gave out some engaging details about a destiny Athena servers during OpenWorld several weeks later. Solaris 11 already upheld Intel’s Xeon E5 processors and a 11.1 refurbish supports a stirring “Piledriver” Opterons from Advanced Micro Devices, presumably to be called a Opteron 6300s.

As was a box with Solaris 11, Solaris 11.1 does not run on machines regulating UltraSparc-I, UltraSparc-II, UltraSparc-IIe, UltraSparc-III, UltraSparc-III+, UltraSparc-IIIi, UltraSparc-IV, and UltraSparc-IV+ processors. These are selected processors from a late 1980s by early 2000s, so that is not most of a warn to anyone.

All generations of Sparc T array chips and stream generations of Sparc64 processors used in a Sparc Enterprise M systems from Fujitsu that Oracle rebadges and resells, can also run Solaris 11 and 11.1.

Neither Oracle nor Fujitsu have been transparent about what progressing Sparc64 iron is upheld with Solaris 11, and they did not transparent it adult this time around with a Solaris 11.1 update. Presumably, anything progressing than a Sparc64-VI is toast. Solaris 10 is still upheld on all of this selected iron, and it is a ideally vicious Unix handling system.

Solaris 11.1 has over 300 new facilities and fixes, according to Flierl, and we can cavalcade down into them in this document. And a vicious thing about a handling complement is that by a mixed of a Oracle VM for Sparc server virtualization hypervisor (also famous as a Logical Domain or LDom hypervisor) and Solaris containers (virtual private server partitions also infrequently called zones), companies can support really aged workloads using in virtualized mode on anything from Solaris 8 brazen to Solaris 11.1. You have to be on a Sparc T array server to get a broadest support, given a LDom hypervisor does not run on machines formed on possibly UltraSparc or Sparc64 processors.

Oracle supports ancient program in a Solaris stack

Oracle supports ancient program in a Solaris stack

Interestingly, Solaris and Oracle database recover numbers have some-more or reduction tracked over a past decade, so we can also connect aged Oracle database and Solaris handling systems using on creaky aged servers onto judicious servers formed on some-more complicated and higher-performance processors. This is what Sun always wanted Solaris business to do, and Oracle does, too.

Among a many new facilities in Solaris 11.1 is a new practical memory government complement that will be indispensable to scale adult opening on destiny Sparc iron. “It is a really vicious partial of a system,” says Flierl, adding that memory has been tested adult to 32TB and a fanciful extent of a heart is most some-more than that. The memory government complement is also smarter and some-more dynamic, permitting Solaris to revoke memory row and boost opening as applications are running

With Update 1, Solaris 11 can also glow adult Solaris zones on tip of Sparc SuperClusters, that will be enabled in an imminent refurbish to that “engineered system” that will come out before a pierce to Sparc T5 machines subsequent year. The close manager of a Real Application Cluster extensions to a Oracle 11g database has now been changed down into a Solaris 11.1 kernel, that lowers latency for these thatch by as most as 17 per cent.

Oracle databases can be dismissed adult faster interjection to Solaris 11.1 tweaks, and Solaris zones are updated 4 times faster when program is patched on them. The confidence subsystem in Solaris also allows admins to be given a right to implement program though removing full entrance to a system.

Solaris 11.1 is shipping today, and a wrapping and pricing for a program stays a same. Oracle pronounced behind during OpenWorld that it would be hosting a minute travel by of Solaris 11.1 on Nov 7, and that eventuality is still on. It’s a bit rare because Oracle didn’t wait until afterwards to make Solaris 11.1 available, though there we have it. The formula is accessible today.

The Solaris Cluster 4.1 software, that is also being updated and that allows mixed Sparc servers to be run as a common storage cluster, will be discussed on Nov 7 as well. The feeds and speeds of Solaris Cluster 4.1 were not accessible during press time.

By a way, a Exadata database clusters, Exalogic middleware clusters, and Sparc SuperClusters are not nonetheless approved to run Solaris 11.1. Oracle will put these machines by a contrast paces and offer that as an choice to Solaris 11 or, on a x86-based machines, Oracle Linux within a few months, says Flierl. ®

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